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Online application for membership program (enrollment fast channel):
Step One: Read the "Articles of Confederation."
Step Two: Online registration for users, download the membership application form fill in personal information.
The third step: my ID card, educational certificates, professional qualification certificate, title card, a valid certificate of honor certificates and other scanned images, and sent to by mail. Please specify the message header "membership"
Step Four: online application for examination and approval by the Federation (three working days), you will receive a notification Federation membership.
Step Five: After you receive admission notice to pay dues to the union secretariat, also by bank transfer.
Step Six: Federation of receipt of contributions, you can open your online registration file, and the issue of "membership card." Certificates can be mailed Federation agency, local designers can also work directly to the Federation to receive.

China international Interior Design Association Qualification and the Membership Fee Payment


 The following points have been passed in the first meeting of the first council

    China international Interior Design Association is a non-profit social organization of national level and the membership fee is used for providing service to members and for organizing activities. According to the Notion of Adjusting the Membership Fee of Social Organizations and based on the reality of our organization, the following payment procedure is formulated. 

1.Use of membership fee

    The membership fee paid by members will be used for providing service to members. The activities should be organized based on the rule of the association and the membership fee is used for the expenditures of daily work and activities.

2. Qualification and Membership Fee Standard

   Qualification and Membership:

 Members of the association: individual members, group members, honorary members and student members.

  Individual members should meet the following requirement:

       1). To obtain interior design or related professional qualification certificates, vocational qualification certificate;
       2). To obtain architects, engineers, lecturers, assistant researcher titles, qualification certificate;
       3). Engaged in more than two years of interior design related work, a good professional level and those who work performance.

(2) Where the relevant design and interior design, research, teaching, construction, production, management, building materials manufacturers, cultural institutions and are willing to participate in the activities and support the work of the Association unit, may apply for membership of the Association.

(3 ) Where there is an outstanding contribution to the association or major supporter of the Association Council resolution passed after , appointed honorary member , awarded honorary membership certificate .

(4). All university students and the college students above grade two majoring in interior design, environmental art design, architecture can be enrolled as the student member.

(5). Directors and executive directors should meet the following requirements:

       1). Comply with the law , uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the government ;
       2). Support the Chinese Federation of International Interior Design Association;

       3). Being equipped with high influence, reputation and achievement in the industry of interior design;

       4). Having passion in public welfare and is committed to the development of the interior design industry;

       5). Being active in the meeting and activities of board of directors;

       6). Paying the membership fee on time based on the term (three years is a term).

(6). The units applying for the deputy president and the directors should meet the following requirement:

       1). Comply with the law , uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the government ;
       2). Support the Chinese Federation of International Interior Design Association;

       3). Having ta business registration license or a legal person status;

       4). Being honest and having good influence and reputation;

       5). Decoration and design Enterprises with an annual output value over ten million yuan or an industrial output value over one hundred million yuan; Decoration building materials enterprise with an annual turnover of more than one hundred million yuan;

       6).Has a strong public mind , is willing to develop the interior design industry, offering suggestions force ;

       7). Can actively participate in the federation director, executive director of meetings and other related activities ;

     8).time, according to the standard payment of dues , fees charged by the unified session.(three year for each session )