China international Interior Design Association Introduction


China international Interior Design Association is an international professional association, which was registered in HK, China. It is a non-profit international professional association which provides service to interior design institutions, designers and design colleges at home and abroad. The English name is China international Interior Design Associationof Abbreviation CIIDA and the number of registration is61316193 -001-04-13-2

Objectives and tasks: the association is an international association. It objectives are to unite the global design agencies and designers of interior design industry, to promote the academic research and development of the international interior design industry, to enhance the level of Chinese interior design industry generally, to promote the exchanges and cooperation of interior design industry at home and abroad, to enhance the international status and influence of Chinese interior design industry in the interior design industry, to realize the going out of Chinese interior designer and to shoulder the responsibility of spreading Chinese design all over the world and making China a great power in terms of design. We will provide related service to domestic and foreign interior designers, interior design decoration enterprises and the industry by play a central function of "integrating, cooperating, communicating and mutual winning". We will be the cooperative platform and bond between Chinese interior design industry and its counterparts all over the world. We also provide professional advises and suggestions to the development of interior design industry and the formulation of relevant rules of China and assist the governments to strengthen the standard management and supervision of the industry. By promoting the rapid, healthy and ordered development of Chinese interior design industry, we will spare no effort to promote the going-out of Chinese interior design.

     Members of the association: International Membership:individual members, group members, honorary members and student members.

            Domestic Membership: Individual members, group members, honorary members, student members.

For the members of high academic status and influence in the industry of interior design at home and abroad, the title of honorary member will be awarded after the negotiation of board of directors. For the member with high achievement and influence in the global industry of interior design, the title of international senior members will be awarded after the negotiation of board of directors. Those who want to participate the association should be equipped with certificates of qualification, which will be examined by the board of directors before admitted.

 China international Interior Design Association(CIIDA )will promote the rapid development of Chinese interior design industry with international specialized standard, internationalized developmental model and internationalized industry resources. CIIDA unites various organizations, institutions, famous design colleges, design agencies and designer together and consolidate the resource of global interior design industry to promote the mutual development of international interior design industry and the win-win of international advanced interior design industry.

The name CIDDA and its logo have been submitted to the state administration for industry and commerce for approval and only members of Chinese international interior design association member have the right to use the name and logo in their title.